| t/m 7 februari 2023

Postdoctoral researcher in the Canonization of the Quran Reading Traditions

The Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) is looking for a Postdoctoral researcher into the historical of the canonization of the Quranic reading traditions for the ERC Consolidator Grant project "QurCan - The Canonization of the Quran Reading Traditions".

Project Description
The canonisation of the Quranic reading traditions (qirāʾāt) goes back to the 10th c. scholar ibn Mujahid who established the canon. Up until recently, it was thought that his work functioned as our historical horizon- everything we can know about the pre-canonical situation is filtered through his choices and thinking. However, there are hundreds of Quranic manuscripts from the time preceding the canonisation stretching back at least to the beginning of the 8th c. that make use of diacritics to instruct the reader. These pre-canonical reading traditions provide a vista into the pre-history of Quranic recitation, yet they have so far gone almost entirely unstudied. The ERC Consolidator grant project QurCan aims to mine these rich historical sources to understand what Quran recitation was like before ibn Mujahid, how the reading traditions developed, and how this led to the crystallized canon that we know today.Lees hier verder.Bron: LUCL

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